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Easily Ltd. is a UK-based provider of domain names, hosting, and email services. The company also provides a search engine submission service. Using this service, Easily will submit your website to over 400 search engines each month. It will track the results and display them on its control panel. In addition to these features, Often offers referral commissions to its affiliates. Affiliate commissions start at 8.5% and go up to 12% for normal monthly sales. Besides the standard commissions, Occasionally, the company offers specials to promote its products and services.

Easily Ltd offers a wide range of services, from the creation of an informative site to setting up an online store. Easily also offers the Website Creator, an ecommerce website builder that allows customers to create a storefront. While this is an additional cost, new domain names do not get indexed on search engines, so you may want to use another domain name to avoid this. As a result, you might want to consider a different service.

In addition to providing e-commerce services, Easily offers a variety of add-on services. Its Website Creator is an informative site builder, and EasilyShop is a shopping cart. Unlike other providers, Easily does not automatically index new domain names, so you may want to add this to your package before launching your site. It is also worth mentioning that new domain names are not indexed by search engines.

Easily Ltd Hosting Provider

Easily Ltd

The best part about Easily is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, free data transfer, and up to 5 MySQL databases. You can get in touch with a live agent via phone or email, and you can get help online as well. While some shared hosting plans come with security risks, Easily regularly scans their servers and sites for malware. They store minimal data on their servers, and don’t store any credit card information.

There are three Linux-based plans with varying features. These differ in terms of disk space and database size. The Linux-based plans also offer support for phpMyAdmin, Perl, and PHP. Windows-based plans differ in the amount of disk space and operating system. ASP, PHP5, and Adobe Flash are available. These are all important factors when choosing a web host. Easily is an excellent choice for smaller businesses with a light workload.

The company also offers standalone email services. The company has over 100 templates, including.uk,.us, and.co.uk. Both plans come with various features, including the ability to install WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. These plans are Linux-based and come with around-the-clock monitoring and technical support. The service is compatible with most browsers, and a free trial is available for you to test it before making a final decision.