BOSH (software)

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BOSH is an open source project aimed at deploying distributed software across distributed systems. The project is managed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation and is used by Pivotal to orchestrate Pivotal Data Services for Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Customers include Axel Springer, Corelogic, IBM, Philips, SAP, Swisscom, and Xerox. It is not a stand-alone product and is not widely distributed. However, some companies have commercialized the BOSH software, and many support it as part of their services.

BOSH can be used to deploy a wide variety of software. Its powerful features allow it to support a number of IaaS providers, including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services EC2, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, Alibaba Cloud, and VMware vSphere. Those who want to use additional IaaS providers can extend its functionality with the Cloud Provider Interface. Installation instructions are also provided in the bosh CLI command-line tool.

BOSH can also deploy any type of software. Its capabilities make it ideal for large-scale, distributed systems. As it is cloud-agnostic, it can be deployed to a variety of platforms, including bare-metal servers and public clouds. It has been developed for Linux and can run on the latest version of Windows. It is compatible with many Linux distributions, including Mac and Ubuntu. Its installation instructions are available on GitHub.

BOSH (software)

BOSH (software)

In addition to being cross-platform, BOSH can be deployed on different cloud infrastructures. Its YAML-based manifest files specify the type of cloud infrastructure. The CPI can run on bare-metal servers, private clusters, and public clouds. The software will run on any cloud platform. For example, a public cloud can run BOSH on a private cluster. It is also available for vSphere and vCloud.

Besides implementing a general tool chain for large-scale distributed services, BOSH also integrates with other platforms. Its YAML manifests are compatible with many cloud infrastructures, including CentOS. By using an YAML manifest, it can install any kind of software. In addition to the GUI, it can be used with other applications and frameworks. The YAML manifest files contain instructions for how to use each of the software packages.

BOSH allows teams to package and deploy software for large-scale distributed systems. It is designed to be used by developers in various stages of the development process. It allows individual developers to package and deploy their software. Its GUI is a user-friendly interface for developers. It provides a variety of plugins and can also be configured to install and manage multiple versions of the software. This is the most useful and flexible toolchain for deploying and maintaining VMs.

A BoSH administrator can manage multiple Cloud environments with a single CLI. Besides, an administrator should understand the concept of environment. An environment refers to a set of software packages. Its deployment concepts include manifest, release, stemcell, instance, and binary artifacts. They can manage several environments. There are two ways to run BOSH: with a single CLI, you can control multiple environments, and with vRealize Automation, you can configure all of your virtual machines.